Posted by: sabrina | August 27, 2009

Overstayer come and go

When I arrived in New Zealand last week, I got told that I am allowed to stay untill my visa expires. Staying longer than the last possible date for leaving the country would turn me into an overstayer. Overstaying is illegal. (read more on visa regulations in NZ)

On your arrival to New Zealand, your passport & visa are being checked.

On your arrival to New Zealand, your passport & visa are being checked. (pic:

Simple as that.

Not a problem for me (and I suppose many other people) because I know and respect these rules, laws and regulations.

Unfortunately there are other people who do not act on these regulations but against them.

As TV3 and other news outlets report today, Gerard Otimi (63), seems to be one of those people.

Otini is due in court next week after he has been accused by the police of offering own passport stamps to overstayers from Samoa.

Now he is believed to have issued Pacific Islanders with identity cards that declared them as Māori or Tangata Whenua on a trip to Mana Ariki Marae near Taumarunui.

According to a Marae spokeswoman, Otimi has brought hundreds of guests to the whangai ceremony and police say they are prepared to act if more complaints are going to be made. – read more


Arriving passengers queue up at Welly Airport. (pic:

However, Tuariki Delamere may have positive news for a different group of overstayers who possibly could be allowed back in Supreme Court decision next month. Talking to ONE News, the former New Zealand Prime Minister (1996-1999) announced he wanted to talk to Pacific governments about the decision which confirmed many overstayers may have been illegally removed from New Zealand. – read more



  1. How about a person who has skills needed according to the INZ web site, sells everything to come and live in New Zealand, doesn’t require taxpayer or govt. assistance and has 2 places to live without being a burden to the people. I am self employed, and have lived in New Zealand for 6 years. Since I have arrived back in 2003, I have been trying to get my “work to residency” permit so I can do my home business. I applied for an extension of my visitor’s visa online and got approved but no expiration date.
    I went to renew in 8 months as at the time of applying for extension, I requested 9 months so I can have all the paperwork completed for my upgrade in visa status.
    I went into the office in Wellington and was told I am an over-stayer!
    I explained to the person I have been approved for an extension and have the copy of the email but in the email it has no expiration date and my account has been wiped because of a server crash that caused the site to be down for a week.
    Now I am back in the US, where I have no place to live and living of my sponsors help to survive.
    Can you tell me where is the Human Rights in this?
    I have been removed from the safety of a home and family that has taken me in as one of their own and now I have to rely on help from them to live.
    This to me is very shameful of New Zealand’s Human Rights policy that they agreed to with UN?

    In the Humanitarian Interview they were more interested in how much money I had than what my removal would do to me and the family that considers me a member of the family.
    I was told if I left on my own and not be a burden to the taxpayer or govt, my over-stayer status and file would be wiped clean.

    After spending 2 months in Samoa re-applying for entry home, I was told that I can not return because I have other intentions. Of course I do, I want have my residency and be part of the workforce and to be with my New Zealand family. But I am refused by Samoan New Zealand Immigration, but yet they issue 100’s to their people that have no work and no place to live and get taxpayers and govt to pay for their living in New Zealand. I have been in American Samoa on the day that earthquake and Tsunami hit and still feel the shock it made in my life.

    Tell me this removal was justified and then tell me if you have experienced what I have in the last 8 months from Samoans ripping me off and then having to live on the street and try to survive after having a home and family that wants nothing more than me to come back home to the place I have called home for 6 years.

    Someone needs tell INZ that they are not GODs and have to think of the Human Rights of others and what they have in a bank account.
    Why are those who come to New Zealand on fake passports and refugee status getting taxpayers and govt to pay for their living allowed to live in New Zealand and someone with skills and education and has no need for govt or taxpayers help as well as have 2 places to live and family is asked to leave because of INZ’s computer problems.

    The people of New Zealand are fed up with this kind of abuse and have become discussed with the influx of people that are doing nothing but sucking the country dry of work and resources that could be going to those who really need it.

    I can go on and on about this but you see my point and disgust with this abusive system.

    • Thanks for sharing your story.
      – Hopefully this can lead to a little discussion here. What do other readers think?

  2. Keep in touch with me hope some day that life will be better for you.

  3. there are plenty of other people who are overstayers but didnt intended to overstay,neither they came in NZ to overstay but they are overstayers with children and many of them with NZ citizen children,nobody cares for their rights and INZ wont hear their genuine cases.job offers,clean records,their education background nothing helps.INZ should look into all overstayers cases with a genuine intent and overstayers who are capable supporting themselves should be given a chance i have a friend who is an overstayer with wife and 2 kids who are NZ citizen i pray for them

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. I see what you mean: often people don’t intend to go into a country to become an overstayer, but certain circumstances sometimes force them into that role. I wish you and you friends and their kids all the best!

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