Posted by: sabrina | September 7, 2009

How to put 007 to shame

You thought crossing the Cook Strait on board of the Interislander would be a great idea for a start in your summer holiday?  Why don’t you just travel in your family van instead?

Like two North Island men did yesterday when putting James Bond to shame by crossing the Cook Strait in their own amphibious vehicle.


Melling and Turnbull versus Bond, James Bond.

 NZ HERALD: Adam Turnbull and Dan Melling (both 23) managed to cross the Cook Strait in an amphibious van yesterday. The aeronautic machinists started their trip in a 1990 four-wheel-drive Toyota Tarago van at 10.20 at Waikawa and arrived at at Mana Marina nearly ten hours later, eagerly awaited by more than 100 supporters. – read more

 STUFF.CO.NZ: The young men’s van was equipped with everything they needed for their journey: music by Metallica, beer and even a little microwave-oven to make breakfast and to heat up pies and a toilet, made out of one of the van’s windows.


Dan Melling and Adam Turnbull on their Father's Day trip across the Cook Strait. (pic: Blair Ensor/Marlborough Express)

Little difficulties occurred, e. g. when the engine suddenly cut out at around 9. 15am caused by the battery coming loose or when waves pushed over the bow, but the two young men managed to deal with the situation and were soon accompanied by a group of dolphins.

Melling even made a Father’s Day phone call to his dad, who later told “They [Dan and Adam] are a bit off the planet, but they’re pretty intelligent and responsible.”

The two finally arrived at Mana Marina at 3.45pm, happy they made it without even needing their life jackets – and without being eaten by sharks.

Turnbull’s and Melling’s message to the youth:  “Get off the Playstation and go and turn something into something stupid.”

read the whole story

*   *   *

From all stories I have read about this particular Cook Strait -crossing so far, the stuff-article by Blair Ensor was the most appealing one. It was not only detailed, but also enjoyable to read, with amusing anekdotes that enabled me to imagine how these 10 hours on board of that vehicle passed and how the two men experienced their journey.

The printed issue of the Dominion Post has the story on A3 today, including a lovely picture with the two men in their van and the ferry in the background. Unfortunately, the article itself does not exactly explain how the vehicle works or how the journey developed.

The same applies to the Herald’s online story (see link above), which seems just like a longer brief really.

I think, something unusual like this would have deserved a more coloured story, more than just a simply recall of what happened when.  Come on – who else do you know – who is not James Bond – ever came out of the water in a boat which then turned into a car?  

*   *   *

P.S.: For more convenient ways to travel across the Cook Strait thislogo-interislander summer check out the Interislander Ferries

[… or you may as well wait for the “Hydro Bus” to come along…]

The "Hydro Bus"








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