Posted by: sabrina | September 8, 2009

Sending Fish’n’Chips has never been that easy…

What’s for tea tonight? – Oh, just send some Fish’n’Chips over, mate. – It has never been that easy until this week NZ Post took action.

Kiwi Stamps

National icons displayed on the new KiwiStamps. (pic: NZ Post)

Their new range of KiwiStamps allows customers to send national icons around the world: maybe Kiwi fruits to Sweden, a campervan to Russia and Fish’n’Chips to Brazil. And I might even send a sausage to my mum in Germany… although… that seems kind of pathetic, really, doesn’t it?

STUFF.CO.NZ: The 10 new different Kiwi-style themed stamps, recently issued by New Zealand Postal Services, replace the 50c stamps for standard post letters and are the first NZ stamps that are non-denominating and hold their value forever, as Postal Services promise. – read more

DOMINION POST: Postal Services chief executive Peter Fenton called the KiwiStamps innovative and convenient and pointed out: “It works exactly the same way as a postage-included envelope. Even if postage increases, customers can use the KiwiStamp without having to buy additional stamps.”

 “They’ve been in England and America for a long time.” said Wellington stamp dealer John Mowbray.

post_buttonOne of the customers’ biggest fears, however, is that the new stamps are linked to an increase of the required postage. NZ Postal Services react to that on their KiwiStamp-related FAQ section of their website politely – and avoid giving a clear “yes” or “no” answer: “With the introduction of KiwiStamps, if we decide to make a change in the required postage, there will be no need for customers to buy additional makeup value stamps.” – Right. But does that means we have to expect a postage rise or not?



  1. The first stamp looks as if it is designed to condition the public to chemtrails/ weather modification technology. Those long clouds look as if they are aerosols sprayed from an aircraft, not natural cloud formations.
    For more information visit:

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