Posted by: sabrina | September 14, 2009

One century of women in aviation

NZ’s “Garbo of the skies” would have turned 100 tomorrow and still remains an idol for women in aviation.


"Greta Gabor of the skies" Jean Batten (pic:

Born in Rotorua on September 15, 1909, Jean Gardner Batten became not only the most famous Kiwi in the 1930s, but also the first woman to fly from England to South Africa in 1935 and, one year later, the first woman to fly from England to New Zealand.

Josie Leckie

J. leckie (pic: Ross Giblin/DomPost)

Ever since, Jean Batten was an inspiration and influence to Kiwi fliers and especially to the females amongst them.

DOMPOST.CO.NZ/STUFF.CO.NZ: The New Zealand Association of Women In Aviation organised an event yesterday in which about 50 women flew all over New Zealand in order to honour the Kiwi pioneer pilot.

“Women are still very much a minority [in aviation]” pilot for two years Josie Leckie (pictured right) said. – read more

– read Jean G. Batten’s full biography here


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