Posted by: sabrina | October 2, 2009

Overseas – Over the sea!?

Want to travel overseas? You don’t even have to leave the country for that!

NEWSWIRE: Accompanying the Prostate Cancer Foundation, young journalist Carl Suurmond went for a short trip to Chatham Island.

With a population of about 600 and a size of about 900, Rekohu, as Chatham is called in Māori, is the fourth biggest of New Zealand’s islands.

The trip was funded and organised by the Prostate Cancer Foundation and in conjunction with Māori Community Health and Chatham Island Health Care.

Carl’s main task was, of course, to write about the presentations and events that aimed to raise the awareness of prostate cancer.


Travelling 'overseas' doesn't mean you have to leave the country: Chathams (pic: Carl Suurmond)

Beeing also a keen photographer, he has taken some 2000 pictures while ‘overseas’ – a few of them are displayed online.

Have a look at his Flickr album ‘The Chatham Islands’ here and read his NewsWire-story here

– read more on prostate cancer here

view the list on New Zealand’s islands


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