Posted by: sabrina | October 6, 2009

Winter is back: roads closed

SPEAKING of travelling through New Zealand:

Right now is possibly not the best time to go on a road trip on the North Island as roads are being closed due to heavy snow falls – unless you’re keen on a bus ride with your mayor.


SPRING THING: Motorists battle the snow that turned spring-time NZ into winter-wonder-land. (Pic: STUFF)

DOMINION POST: The Taupo Napier road was covered in snow last night and forced several hundred people to spend the night in makeshift accomodation.

Rick Cooper, mayor of Taupo, drove one of the evacutation busses that brought travellers back to Taupo for shelter.

Police get assistance by Taupo’s 4WD club in rescuing trapped motorists.

People concerned about family members or friends being trapped can call the welfare centre in Taupo for information: 0274 579 686.

 – read more about this spring’s winter-wonderland here and here


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