Posted by: sabrina | October 7, 2009

Don’t rely on Mt Cook

DOMINION POST: NZ industry is facing a bigger change than the economic downturn and our tourism industry needs to question its way of thinking.


UNRELIABLE: Tourism industry cannot sit back and rely on Mt Cook. (pic:

“You can’t just sit back and rely on Mt Cook.” Anna Pollock said about a change in New Zealand’s tourism yesterday.


Does not rely on Mt Cook: Anna Pollock (pic: DestiCorp)

She is the founder of strategic tourism consultancy Desti-Corp and has been to Wellington to speak at the inaugural tourism leaders forum at Te Papa yesterday.

According to Ms Pollock, the traditional interpretation of seasonal travel trends did no longer work.

She asked NZ to “find a way to bridge that communication gap” with Gen Y employees, who are closely tied up to use social media, mobile technology and cyber-connectivity.

Finland stated a good example as a country who uses its design capabilities to create a tourism experience which amplified a natural environment.

– read the whole story here


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