Posted by: sabrina | October 12, 2009

Royal computer crash coincidence

NEW ZEALAND may get a royal visitor next year with Prince William considering an official trip on behalf of the Queen – but only if Air NZ’s computer system joins the game.

Yesterday, a system crash at about 10am left thousands of travellers grounded for several hours and caused chaos and long queues on Wellington Airport.


LEAVING ON A JETPLANE - wasn't so easy yesterday for Air NZ passengers when computers crashed (pic: Newsbie Pix)

“You couldn’t ask for a better day for this to go wrong.” Bruce Parton, Air New Zealand’s group general manager of short-haul airlines, said about the coincidence of yesterday also being the last day of the school holidays.

More than 10,000 people were affected by the breakdown which caused delays and cancellations on national and international flights and forced staff to use old-fashioned ways to check flights in – pens and paper.

Extra-called in Air New Zealand staff handed out free food to apologise to waiting travellers, but the system was finally back on track by 3.30pm.


ROYAL DUTY: Prince William considers visiting NZ (pic: beourguests.

A meeting between the airline and computer manufacturer IBM was planned for this morning and hopefully they will get into action to avoid problems like this in the near future and especially in January when Prince William is going to come.

British media are reporting the Prince is considering going on his first official overseas trip in place of his grandmother, the Queen, in January 2010, when a visit to Australia is due.

He is “ready to embrace his duty” the prince’s Clarence House office was quoted by The Mail on Sunday.

Neither Prime Minister John Key nor the prince himself will give comment until the decision will officially been announced.

– read what the Dominion Post (Stuff) wrote about the prince’s travel plans here

– read about the IBM/Air NZ meeting this morning here and here

– more pictures by Newsbie Pix here



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