Posted by: sabrina | October 21, 2009

Watson to give critics “the fingers”

JESSICA WATSON, the teen who wants to sail solo around the world, is all over the news and all over my blog as well.

Kind of. I am not half as much into sailing as it seems when you look at my blog, but with this story, it is a bit like reporting court: you kind of HAVE to report the whole story and once you started, you cannot back out anymore.


PINK: Jessica Watson makes Barbie jealous. (pic:

So I keep blogging about Jessica as the world is watching her next attempt to sail the seven seas.

The NZ HERALD had a story on their website today about Jessica Watson’s granddad, a Kiwi, who hopes that his granddaughter will give her critics (which kind of includes myself, I’m afraid) “the fingers”.

Gordon Chisholm (not the Scottish footballer who looks like Ryan O’Neal) is his name and a friend of mine actually met him a little while ago and sold waterproof paper to him, as a gift for Jessica.

I am kind of pessimistic about this whole kid-sails-around-the-world-thing. She is 16 years old and her first attempt failed, because she had a “cat-nap” while her boat collieded with a merchant ship. That makes me worry about that kid. And wonder if she is really responsible enough to make the right decisions on her journey. But that is only my personal opinion.

Mr Chisholm sees the whole matter much more positive: “Her decision-making abilities, as far as we’re concerned, were top-rate.”

Well… I am still sceptical (especially since I read in her yesterday’s blogpost, that she “grabbed” some more “cat naps” :D), but I really wish her all the best and hope she has a safe journey.

– read the NZ HERALD story here


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