Posted by: sabrina | October 24, 2009

‘Seat-beds’ make sleep on plane more comfy

“I wished I had a bed to sleep in” – I cannot remember how many times that thought crossed my mind on my travels.


SPACE: The new seat beds offer more space on flights (pic: NZ Herald)

BUT it is for sure that every time I went on an aeroplane I wished they had enough space for a soft matress in the cabin.

NZ HERALD: Air New Zealand passengers will soon be able to convert their seats into a ‘seat-bed’ to have a good rest in economy class.

If space is available at the time of check-in, passenger will even be able to book a second seat which allows them to turn both their seats into one bed they could spread across.


AIR BEDS: Air NZ offers more comfort to passengers. (pic: own)

Air NZ would be the first airline to offer such seats to passengers and is believed to consider selling the model to other airlines.  – read more



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