Posted by: sabrina | October 31, 2009

Solo-sailor shan’t set sails

WHILE Aussie Jessica Watson is already sailing, New Zealand-born teenager Laura Dekker is still not allowed to set sail and attempt the world record as youngest solo sailor around the world ever.

SPIEGEL: A court in Utrecht, Netherlands, has ruled that the 14-year old teenager keeps being blocked from setting sail until 1 July 2010, when a new decision will be made.LauraDekker_300x200

Dekker announced earlier this week that she wanted to finish the current school year before starting her trip.

However, the Family Court in Utrecht said it needed proof that the sailing trip did not endanger the child’s health or mental development.

It is not decided whether Dekker can set sail after 1 July 2010.

Her parents’ rights concerning her upbringing and education keep restricted by the court.

Dekker is going to stay with her father Dick Dekker, who supports her plans, on his boat in Wijk bij Duurstede near Utrecht.

Her German mother, Babs Müller, told media in September  that she’d rather have a daughter that is alive but will never talk to her again, than a dead daughter.

Dekker’s parents live seperated since their divorce in 2002.

Several sponsors have already put their names forward and offered to support Laura Dekker’s trip once she is able to sail around the world and even plans for Reality TV-shows are being made.

PICTURE: WANNA-BE-RECORD-HOLDER: Teen Laura Dekker still not able to head off. (pic: NZ Herald)

– visit the SPIEGEL-website here (German) or here (English)

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