Posted by: sabrina | December 12, 2009

Cheer and loathing in Las… – Welly

THIS morning, when I came back from the supermarket, I bumped into Rodney Hide.

Maybe it’s just me… – but I kind of had the impression he looked angry.

I don’t know why he would have been angry, though – it was such a nice day today, sunshine, Christmas time and the holidays are coming up.

Well, maybe that’s why: holidays. Maybe, he hasn’t figured out how to spend the summer, yet.


~ JUST LIKE HOLIDAY ~ (pic: own)



However, once again I am confident to say that I can help out in this matter and it is my pleasure to refer to Lyndon Hood’s excellent column.

The piece Travel Ideas for MPs on Scoop offers suggestions and advice and yet keeps it simple:

“Or try anywhere else Obama goes”

If you don’t want to go as far as Aleajos (Spain) the “global antipode of Wellington[…]: the place you go when sent as far from the Beehive as possible, and also where you end up if you find yourself in a hole and keep digging.”

No matter which piece of advice Rodney Hide choses to take or not to take in the end, he should keep in mind that Copenhagen Airport is one of the things Kiwis love when it comes to travelling.

As the NZ Herald reported earlier this week, a list, previously released by House of Travel, shows what New Zealanders rated as their “love and loath”-top-ten of travel.

Top Ten Travel cheer and loathing
Kiwis are cheering for
  • having an own entertainment system with movies starting as soon as you board
  • counting down the number of sleeps until you leave
  • realising that you have made it (when you stand in front of the Pyramids or the Taj Mahal)
  • getting entrenched in the local customs and culture
  • feeling the blast of heat when arriving at a tropical destination
  • Copenhagen Airport
  • super cheap Thai foot massages at Bangkok Airport
  • having someone else to make your bed in the mornings
  • authentic fresh local cuisine (“real pizza”)
  • planning your next trip when getting home
and loathing for
  • passport photos
  • virtually every airport in the country “making some changes”
  • early morning international flights
  • having to take your laptop out when going through security
  • “fighting” for the arm rest
  • realising that you have only one sleep left before you go home
  • hotels and beaches that look different from their website pics
  • humid holiday spots causing “bad hair days”
  • leaking toothpaste, shampoo or moisturiser
  • tipping




I agree with most of the bulletpoints.

Passport photos, for instance. I got told I look like Sideshow Bob (RIGHT) – and that is only the most recent one. The prior picture showed someone (well, let’s face it: me), who looked like a member of the band Europe.


EUROPE (pic:


I also agree with most of the other points. Finding that your moisutriser was leaking all the time, when you are just about to unpack your bag, sucks.

Authentic fresh cuisine sounds good. And to realise that you have made it, is a pretty damn good feeling.

But what does Copenhagen Airport have to do with all that? I mean, why – all of a sudden – Copenhagen?

Have all Kiwis ever been to Copenhagen Airport (as well as to other airports which they can compare Copenhagen with), so that they can say for sure that this is a great airport?

Well, I haven’t been to Copenhagen – neither to the city itself nor to the airport. (But – mind you – I am not a New Zealander, either). So I can’t really tell if Copenhagen Airport is special or not.

Must be special, because it’s on the list. Or is it special because Copenhagen is big news because of the climate summit?

Then we might as well just take Lyndon Hood’s advice – and go wherever Obama‘s going. And he knows Copenhagen Airport for sure.


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