Posted by: sabrina | January 26, 2010

Skycouch to come later this year

ONCE AGAIN Air New Zealand – recently named “Airline of the Year” – proved to be ahead of other airlines when it comes to customer service and aircraft facilities.

SHARISM: Passengers will have to share the new skycouches. (pic: Stuff)

STUFF.CO.NZ/NZ HERALD: Air New Zealand designers and engineers have developed the Skycouch as the world-first economy class bed-seat.

The convertable bed-seats have been announced in October 2009 and will be available on flights of the new Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts later this year.

According to an article by the NZ Herald, people purchasing a skycouch ticket will have to pay for two seats at standard prices and the third seat at half-price.

The airline also announced new interior and services on long distance flights.

These include on demand food and beverage options, changes to the entertainment system on board and wine tasting and destination seminars, according to an Air New Zealand press release.

read more on Stuff and on the Herald’s website

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