Posted by: sabrina | February 12, 2010

The world’s best city to live in… is not in NZ

DOMINION POST: New Zealand’s capital city has come 23rd on a econmy magazine’s list of best cities to live in.

AUCKLAND: More liveable than Wellington? (pic:

The Economist Intelligence Unit, of The Economist magazine, published its annual “Liveability Ranking“, a survey on living standards in cities all around the world.

A range of categories, including culture and environment, education and healthcare facilities, was being used to determine the ranking.

Wellington scored for education, but lagged in other areas behind Auckland (which ranked 10th) and several Australian cities.


Top 10 cities   Bottom 10 cities
Rank  Country City Rating
1 Canada Vancouver 98.0
2 Austria Vienna 97.9
3 Australia Melbourne 97.5
4 Canada Toronto 97.2
5 Canada Calgary 96.6
6 Finland Helsinki 96.2
7 Australia Sydney 96.1
8= Australia Perth 95.9
8= Australia Adelaide 95.9
10  New Zealand  Auckland 95.7
Rank  Country City Rating
130= Senegal Dakar a 48.3
132 Sri Lanka Colombo 47.3
133 Nepal Kathmandu 47.1
134 Cameroon Douala 43.3
135 Pakistan Karachi 40.9
136 Nigeria Lagos 39.0
137 PNG Port Moresby 38.9
138= Algeria Algiers 38.7
138= Bangladesh Dhaka 38.7
140  Zimbabwe Harare 37.5
a Dakar shares its rank with Tehran (Iran).


Vancouver in Canada became first in the ranking and was dubbed “ideal” in all categories.

The Economist’s Liveability Ranking is not the only ranking system used globally to determine living conditions in several cities.

Other ranking systems include  for example the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.  – learn more

read the DomPost article on STUFF


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