Posted by: sabrina | May 21, 2010

AIR NZ with plastic cutlery on rank 5 worldwide

AIR NEW ZEALAND has been voted among the world’s top five airlines in a survey – even though (or because?) they are re-using their plastic cutlery up to 10 times.

The airline has been voted fifth in the 2010 World Airline Awards, announced by Skytrax on May 20, 2010, at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

According to a Skytrax announcement, 17.94 million people took part in the world’s largest passenger survey and voted Asiana Airlines best.

Top 10 places in the Airline of the Year Awards :

1.   Asiana Airlines
2.   Singapore Airlines
3.   Qatar Airways
4.   Cathay Pacific
5.   Air New Zealand
6.   Etihad Airways
7.   Qantas Airways
8.   Emirates
9.   Thai Airways
10.  Malaysia Airlines

see the NZ HERALD slideshow

An article by the NZ Herald earlier this week reports that Air NZ and other airlines are re-using the plastic cutlery up to ten times before chucking them away.

The story had arisen from a similar report by The Sunday Telegraph that unveiled what they called the “Qantas cutlery scandal”:

“Qantas has admitted it re-uses plastic knives, forks and spoons multiple times, collecting them at the end of meals and sending them to a washing facility to be cleaned, before distributing them to a new set of passengers.” (What the fork! Qantas cutlery scandal – The Sunday Telegraph, May 16, 2010)

Air NZ also admitted re-using plastic cutlery and argued it was environmentally friendlier to wash and re-use plastic bowls, plates, trays and cutlery instead of throwing them out after each meal.

The airline is well-known for its environmental-friendly efforts – but would the passengers still have voted for the airline in the Skytrax survey if they had known about this earlier…?

A poll on the website of the NZ Herald shows that the people’s opinions are split. So far, 54% voted against the re-use of plastic cutlery, 46% said yes.

The story had also been picked up by



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