Posted by: sabrina | May 27, 2010

Why would windy Welly win?

I REALLY can’t say that I like the outcome of the latest “most-likeable-city”-survey-thingy.


Paul Easton’s story reports what the headline already says: that people would rather live in Auckland than in Wellington, according to an international ranking.

WINNER OF HEARTS: Wellington. (pic: own)

The 2010 Mercer Quality of living ranking, which uses New York as the base city for comparisons, shows that Auckland ranks not only higher than any German city, but also higher than Wellington.

Speaking as a journalist, I should now go on about how Auckland came fifth (or actually the second fourth, because it shares rank 4 together with Vancouver, Canada), Wellington came 12th and how Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Munich as well as Sydney ranked in between Wellington and Auckland.

I should probably also tell you, that the Stuff-poll results, so far, proove what the survey suggested: Auckland is ahead. (But only just :D)

Speaking as a human individual with subjective views and opinions, I have to say: sorry, but this is dissappointing. (Yes, I do like Wellington more than Auckland. So. There you go. It’s out. I said it.)

Some people who left comments on seem to share my view and opinion. (–> read the story on Stuff here)

A user named “Anne”, for instance, wrote:

Another user, “bruce” (#180), is amused:

My personal favourite comment, however, is from “Gary”:

Others brought up obviously solid arguments like… ah… well… the weather for example. Yes, wind, rain, humidity, sunshine – that kind of thing. All I can say to you: I miss drinking coffee in Windy Welly.

What do you think? Which city is for your “most liveable”? Windy Welly or the City of Sails (Auckland)?


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