Posted by: sabrina | June 17, 2010

Departure Tax for Germany threatens NZ tourism?!

ISN’T it ridiculous that sometimes I only hear about things happening in Germany through New Zealand media?

DEPARTURE TAX: Soon to pay when leaving my homecountry? (pic:

For instance, the recently announced departure tax for German travellers leaving Germany. Didn’t hear about this one until I had a look at STUFF this morning.

According to Stuff, this could lead to a thread to New Zealand’s tourism industry. – read more

Now that would be bad, yes, I agree.

But – what departure tax are they talking about? It has not been in the German news whatsoever (unless I’m blind and deaf which I thought I wasn’t until now) and the Government’s press releases and website do not show anything alike either.

So what about the recently announced plans to impose departure tax? Who said that? Surely no German politician. (Besides – that probably wouldn’t work with Germany being part of the European Union and all that anyway)

If anyone knows more than I do regarding this topic, I would like to encourage you to post a comment! I would really like to know if Germany REALLY gets a departure tax – and how this will work in terms of the EU and the Schengen Agreement!


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