Posted by: sabrina | June 24, 2010

Lack of security, Air NZ?

EARLIER today I wrote about the positive outcome of a passenger survey for Air New Zealand – what those passengers obviously did not know about was the lack of airport security on domestic flights.

SELF-SERVICE: Check in as many times as you like. (pic: AIR NZ)

3 NEWS/NZ HERALD: TV3 revealed in Auckland how easy it is to manipulate electric check-in systems – under a minister’s identity.

Checking in as Transport Minister Steven Joyce minutes after he had been filmed walking through the check-in, a TV3 reporter added another bag to the Minister’s luggage without him knowing.

Mr Joyce said people were not aware of this security breach and he considered the issue as serious.

According to the New Zealand Herald, a Campbell Live reporter checked in at an Air NZ electronic kiosk under Trade Minister Tim Groser‘s name, before the real minister checked in.

The reporter and her cameraman then used both the same name and managed to check in on JetStar, Pacific Blue and Air NZ flights.

When the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was presented with the outcome of the story, spokesman Bill Sommer asked the airlines to investigate and to report back “within weeks not months”.

He said the most concerning fact was that people were able to check in bags without being on the plane themselves.

“Identity theft is no risk in terms of security, it’s the incident of having bags on board aeroplanes where the person who has put the bags is not carried is of concern to us.”

Mr Joyce wants the loophole to be fixed as soon as possible.

He said the airlines had to come up with solutions quickly.

Air NZ spokeswoman Tracy Mills said the airline was grateful that the flaw in the baggage check-in process was brought to the airline’s attention: “We are moving swiflty to implement a remedy so it will not be able to happen again.”

– have a look at TV3’s story here

– read the article by the NZ Herald here

* * *

In March, I flew from Christchurch to Wellington and used the self-service check-in kiosks myself. Me and my family found it quite handy – no long queues, easy to handly, quick and uncomplicated. But now that I heard about these loopholes, I am a little bit worried.

What do you think?

Do you give the self-service check-in kiosks the thumbs up or do you think as quickly as they were developed and installed as quickly we should also say good-bye to them?



  1. Nice one, its good for us who travel frequently at least we’re assured in our safety.

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